Enjoy Happy Hour with New and Old Friends at From The Rooftop

Many people look forward to happy hour after a long day at work, and what better way to enjoy happy hour than at a rooftop bar with friends. Happy hour downtown Phoenix offers everything from drinks to music and new and old company in the lively city of Phoenix, Arizona. Enjoying happy hour at a rooftop bar can add views and relaxation to happy hour as well, making it a unique experience for all guests.

At happy hour downtown Phoenix, one can expect an array of drinks to be served. There is a menu of cocktails and some non-alcoholic beverage options to enjoy as well as a small menu of small plates and appetizers to enjoy including dips and burgers. On some days or evenings, there may also be a specialty menu, such as weekend brunch, where guests can enjoy food items that would not typically be on the menu. All of these food and drink items are available in a wide and airy rooftop location with plenty of space to spread out or meet new people and make new friends. The rooftop location is dressed in relaxing furniture and offers views of the city of Phoenix Day and night. Guests can also enjoy fun happy hour music to relax at the end of the day, and on some instances, enjoy DJ performances with their drinks and view of the city.

For more information about this rooftop experience, visit From The Rooftop at www.ftrooftop.com online at their website.

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