An Italian Restaurant Near Southwest Ranches Appeals to Everyone in a Group of Tourists

As tourists explore the Fort Lauderdale region, they might decide to spend a few nights in Weston and look for a Restaurant near Southwest Ranches that everyone in the group will enjoy. An Italian restaurant that serves some American dishes as well as the Mediterranean features may be the ideal choice. Sometimes one or two people in the group would like to have a steak or some salmon on this particular evening.

Unusual Pizzas

An establishment like Tarantella Ristorante & Pizzeria has such a varied menu that even people who aren’t normally appreciate of Italian food will find numerous items they will enjoy. They might like ordering an unusual pizza with a house salad, for example. Back home, they might not be able to find pizza with a combination of Italian sausage, eggplant and onions, for example.

Vegetarian Foods

A vegetarian in the group may normally shy away from Italian menus because many of the restaurants only offer one or two pasta dishes without any type of meat. At this type of Restaurant near Southwest Ranches, however, an abundance of options are available for the customers who prefer their diet to be meat-free. A grilled veggie platter, for example, is even suitable for the vegan customer.

Gluten-Free Options

People traveling with an individual who cannot eat gluten will be excited to discover that this kind of restaurant even offers gluten-free penne pasta. That can be a real treat for someone who is away from home and having to figure out which menu items are safe to consume. Most of the pasta dishes can be made with penne, as long as that shape and texture matches the meal.

Lighter Fare

The traveler who is dedicated to eating light, healthy meals right now will be delighted at the array of salads on the menu. A salad with an appetizer may be the perfect dinner for this individual.


As could be expected with Italian fine dining, a wine list is provided. Everyone also has the option of ordering beer, a specialty or standard cocktail or a soft drink. Coffee is available as well, including Italian espresso and cappuccino. You can also follow them on Instagram.

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